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So if Colin Kaepernick and Eric Reid can’t get hired because they won’t commit to standing for the anthem Matt Slauson Jersey , Wednesday’s uncompromising compromise fashioned by owners who fear a tweet or an base-inspiring rally remark removes the last impediment to their unemployment, right?

I mean, Kaepernick and Reid now know the rules. They have to “respect” the flag. If they refuse, there will be consequences.

So problem solved, right? The burning desire to win! should result in a land rush for their services. And when they sign, there will be no confusion or misunderstanding: No kneeling, no sitting Demarcus Walker Jersey , no fists in the air, no disrespect of any kind for the flag.

By solving one problem, the owners potentially have exacerbated another, because with the primary impediment to the unemployment of Kaepernick and Reid — the fear that they’ll still kneel — gone, there’s no reason to avoid them.

And of course we know that won’t be happening. Ultimately, this entire issue is not about patriotism or race or revenue but control. The owners, in crafting the anthem policy Vontae Davis Jersey , had left a thermal exhaust port in the Death Star, and Kaepernick jammed a couple of photon torpedoes right into it. The owners resent that Kaepernick discovered the loophole, exploited it, and taught his peers to do the same.

Kaepernick, and to a lesser extent Reid, are the lingering reminders of the fact that the players outsmarted the owners on this one, and that when the owners tried to assert control by keeping them out of the league Shawn Williams Jersey , they took action to advance their rights.

Keeping them out based on their refusal to commit to standing was convenient, because no one expected them to bow to the league’s will.聽No one expects the league to bow to the will of Kaepernick and Reid, which means that the owners would much rather write them a fat check than let them ever set foot on the stage that the owners own and, once again, control.

Steelers guard Ramon Foster will soon begin his 10th season with the team. Some think it could be his last.

Joe Rutter of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review explains that the Steelers could choose to go with B.J. Finney in 2019. Finney will be a restricted free agent; Foster, who is in the final year of his current contract, will be an unrestricted free agent.

Foster is under contract for 2018 LeGarrette Blount Jersey , at a base salary of $2.675 million and a cap charge of $3.591 million.

He joined the Steelers in 2009, the first season after the team’s most recent Super Bowl win. He became a full-time starter in 2011, missing only eight regular-season games in seven seasons.

Foster also has started 11 postseason games, including Super Bowl XLV.

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Pohár ČKA
KO žA - Slavia
úterý 29.1.2019 od 18:00, Braník 2-5

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Pohár ČKA
KO A - Rychnov n/K
úterý 8.1.2019 od 18:00, Braník 1-4
KO B - Solnice
pondělí 14.1.2019 od 18:00, Braník 3-6

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